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Aluminium Extrusion Division


Nilraj has started commercial production in Aluminium Extrusion division in Sept 2004.


It is owned by UK qualified Cost and Management Consultant Mr.H.L.Sanghavi


Shri R.H.Sanghavi is in charge of all manufacturing activities related to this division. Production Planning, Manufacturing operations, RM Procurement, Quality Control and Dispatch is under his direction.


This division was stared primarily to manufacture Capacitor Can for Export through a Indian Company. Over 80% of production goes for export.


This BVQI , ISO 9001-2000 certified company produces cans, which meet very tough specification for, worldwide market.


Aluminum can to customer specification are only made. There is no standard size stock production.


Normally we use cold extrusion, however for thick walled gas container , heat process is also used. Wall thickness of 0.30 mm to 3.5 mm is produced.


All Tool Development; Tool Making is in-house powered by precision machine tools and highly skilled dedicated manpower.


The major Impact Extrusion Press is one of its kinds in this part of the World. It weights 125 Metric Ton and , 200 KVA Power.


Uses Extruded product means substantial savings because no more machining will be required. Net raw material weight = Finished goods wt. very close tolerance of 0.3mm is possible. Being extruded means more strength ,being one-piece product more strength.



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