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1. Mr. H.L. Sanghavi Age 59 years UK, USA qualified Cost &management consultant has worked in over 30 companies in UK during his stay of 5 ½ years in UK/USA.

He has very wide technical experience. He is consultant to various industries in Bombay, Nashik, Pune, Aurangabad & Calcutta.

An engineering unit have export performance is personally owned by him since last 27 years.

Mr. Sanghavi was a member of Indian Standard Institution CPDC 22 Committee where highly technical discussion are involved & are decided for ISI specifications.

Being consultant wide study in technical matters are routine for him everyday.

In lamination filed his solid 25 years practical experience is unparallel in India .


2. Mrs. V. H. Sanghavi a powerful organizer ,administrator has executed voters ID cards project recently . In a short period 3000 persons were recruited , trained and put on job on time based way .67 lakhs voters were photographed and their ID cards with lamination was done through her supervision . Accounting , administrations is her specialty . She has recently traveled extensively in UK /Europe on business promotion .


3. Mr. Rahul H. Sanghavi UK/Europe traveled graduate has computer and commerce knowledge with experience . The digital ID cards project is under his control. He was involved in selecting the machinery, software etc. in UK .He has experience of handling clients & giving them prompt response.


4. Mr. Hemant Gosar our Technical Consultant is in Mechanical consultancy & practices in Mumbai & has implemented various projects, his experience in this Aluminum Extrusion line is for 12 years in total technical setup.
M/s . Nilraj Engg. Works Pvt. Ltd. has enough manpower for handling new development work.


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