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Basic Raw Material Chemically and Metrologist tested Billets are purchased by Raw Material Vendor from which slugs are made. Test Certificates from the manufacturer are received from time to time and this companies has to ISO certified company.


Input Material in the factory are checked in our RM store for Dia, Weight,Thickness and other parameters.


After tumbling while RM is loaded each and every piece is physically checked and defective slugs are removed at this stage.


In process, starting up production is thoroughly checked by our Quality Inspection and only after his approval commercial production is started. Every half hour few parameters like bottom thickness, wall thickness are checked and recorded.


Similar quality checks in Cutting, Threading, Flanging and piercing is excised and recorded.

After washing before drying the material is individually inspected and defective washed pieces are returned for re - washing.


Every single piece is inspected as Final Inspection; defective pieces are separated and stored in red bins.After packing the date and inspection staff of the day code number is marked. Quality Assurance seal is affixed on each OK box.

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